Systems testing and quality assurance techniques

Checklist: Graphical User Interface

Test Type Description Purpose Considerations Variations
Transfer Functions Navigate from each different window to all possible windows Test interrelated processing between windows - All Sequences?

- Important Combinations?

- Negative - No Transfers
Menu Bar-Mouseclick
Buttons - Push
Buttons-Hot Key
Menu Bar - Hot Keys
Menu Bar - Keyboard
Data Conditions for Window Transfer Functions Test transfers with general (record level) data conditions Test data row retrieval and transfer functions using data - Different for list windows
vs. one record display windows
List window with no data
List window one record in list (row)
List window >1 row - last row
List window >1 row - not first or last row
One row display window
Select inquiry entity in list window (not from list)
Verify Window Display Data Verify inquiry data displays Tests stored procedure/ GUI retrieval of data   Lists of Columns
Single Row Display
DropDownListBox- Contents
DropDownListBox - Selection Retrieval
Specific Data Retrieval Conditions- Max, Null, etc.
Field Edit Formats
Field Level Data Entry Test data entry for a single column Test GUI field edits (PBEdit040's within Data Windows) Required Field - no data
Maximum Data Length
Valid Value
Invalid Value
Invalid data format
Row Data Maintenance Test data row handling from GUI to database Test stored procedure/GUI add/change/delete functions Note: do an inquiry after update to verify database update New
Change to non-key field
Change to key field (delete and add)
Application Window Controls Test Buttons, Scroll Bars and other windows types of controls Test GUI processing - Controls which do transfers are under transfer functions

- Retrieve or OK which retrieves need to do inquiry to do data check of retrieval

- Link,Unlink, Change, Delete need to do inquiry to check database updates

- New test will be for data entry in field
Transfer Buttons

OK, Miscellaneous

Data Entry - NEW Radio Buttons
Scroll Bars (Vertical/Horizontal)
Standard Window Controls/Functions       Window Control Menu
Max, Min,
Print Functions
(Print, Printer Setup)
Edit Functions
(Cut, Copy, Paste)
Window Functions
(Previous Window, Close All, Open Window List, Tile, Layer, Cascade)
Application HELP       Microhelp
Balloon Notes
Help- Index
Help-Table of Contents
Help-Jump Words
Miscellaneous Application Specific       Job Status
Online Report/s
Informational Windows - Content
Windows - Button
Fatal Application Errors