On-Site Training

Coastal Technologies specializes in setting-up and managing computer support help desks. The organization and design of the support center is a major undertaking; We will assist you in establishing your support center in just 2 days. We visit your site, discuss your requirements, optionally install HELP!Desk software and train your support staff.

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Benefits of HELP!Desk Software

  • A centralized single point contact for customer/employee questions
  • A customizable knowledgebase for problem resolution
  • Reduced research time for common employee problems/questions
  • A more proficient, experienced and knowledgeable support staff
  • Trend tracking to determine customer needs
  • Automation for management, staff and customer
  • Reduced costs for training new support staff
  • Common information storage area

Additional Benefits when combining Training with HELP!Desk Software

  • Complete call tracking with problems and resolutions
  • A centralized question/answer center
  • Customer trend tracking
  • Full customer and employee support center services
  • Service improvement recommendations for management based upon reporting trends
  • The complete package at a fixed price
  • A functional help desk in two days
  • An automated support environment complete with help desk software
  • Training to provide effective automated support
  • Guidance in selecting the best reports for management and staff
  • A means of documenting the contribution to your company
  • Consulting expertise with experienced support personnel
  • Direct access to trained support personnel

Course Outline

HELP!Desk Software Installation

The software installation time allotment is based upon a ten machine installation. The approximate installation time is two hours. This estimated time will be altered based upon the number of installations necessary. You may choose to install the software yourself to increase the amount of classroom instruction.

HELP!Desk Training Sessions

The support center training covers the following topics during the two days:

Establishing a thriving support center

This discussion centers around the effective measures and steps necessary to provide a self-sufficient and thriving support center. This discussion covers the design of the support center, support center personnel, and the organization of the center.

  • Support Center Success Factors
  • Positioning the HELP!Desk
  • Organizing the Support Center
  • Support Center Personnel
  • Service Level Agreements
  • Definition
  • Organization
  • Tracking the response
  • Documenting the result

Advantages for your support center

This covers the support centers direction and focus. We describe pitfalls and hurdles encountered by every support center including detail in reporting, call assignment, and support center personnel development. HELP!Desk is an effective tool in helping to track problem reporting and technician problem resolution. We discuss how HELP!Desk can be used to provide more complete problem recording and reporting.

  • Career Development
  • Support
  • Recording and Reporting
  • Entering Calls
  • Work Orders
  • Call & problem Assignment
  • Writing skills
  • Common Support Problems

Enhancing the support center services

Improving the services offered is one of the major goals of the support center. The broader the services offered by the support center the better the perception of the support center, providing that those services are complete. During this topic we discuss how HELP!Desk can help you to track these trends and services.

  • Support Center Software
  • Other Features
  • Bulletins
  • Training
  • Prioritizing
  • Support Management Team Training
  • Support Team Training

Each topic is presented with a question and answer period and several exercises to help develop effective support center reporting and troubleshooting skills. The theory associated with each of the topics covered is discussed with the associated relationship to the HELP!Desk software.

Coastal Technologies is a management consulting and software development firm that combines computer and managerial experience to provide clients with business plans, project management, training programs and customized software. Our training is provided by experienced support professionals that regularly work with support centers around the world. We work regularly with internal, external and combined support operations.

We provide:

  • HELP!Desk Software for logging, tracking and solving customer calls
  • Two days of on-site training for your support personnel (additional days are available)
  • Data Conversion

Consulting in the following areas:

  • Defining Your Support
  • Positioning
  • Organizing
  • Service Agreements
  • Support
  • Automation
  • Checklists
  • Management

The help desk software, for automating computer support centers, includes client/call tracking, image display and a keyword searchable knowledgebase to help solve problems quickly. HELP!Desk can also track client hardware and software inventories. This allows your staff to solve more problems in less time while reducing cumbersome administrative tasks. With the customized screens, HELP!Desk can adapt to your specific needs.

We offer a reasonably priced service and guidance to quickly start a support operation in just two days.

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