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Show your advertisers know how much you value their time

Your advertisers obviously want to see the proofs of their ads, but they are probably busy tending to customers when the rep shows up with their ad. It's clearly not a good time for them to thoroughly check over every last detail in the advertisement.

With AdProofsOnline, it's a whole different story. Now your advertiser can go to your web site at any time of the day or night -- even while relaxing at home -- click on the Advertiser Proofs link, sign in and view his or her proof. From there, it's simply a matter of approving it or typing in the changes that are needed.

It couldn't be simpler. And your advertisers will appreciate how convenient you've made it. That adds to the competitive advantage you hold over other publishers in your market.

Additional advantages for you

  • No concerns about smeared or unreadable faxes
  • Free up your staff to do more selling - No valuable time spent hand delivering proofs.
  • No worries of spam filters or file attachment limits preventing your proofs from getting to your customers
  • You'll know if and when your client viewed the proof.  No more wondering if the proof has been reviewed.

There is a better way.  AdProofsOnline
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