Your web site isn't for you. It's for your customers.

You may know a business owner who had his or her web site designed by the neighbor's kid, a friend, or relative. Since that person was doing it as a favor or for a nominal amount of money, completing the site wasn't a big priority. In fact, the project may have languished for months.

You may also know someone who hired a fancy graphic designer. They probably designed a beautiful site, but did the end product actually address the business objectives? Did it create additional commerce? Did it make the customers' experience so much more satisfying that they made bigger purchases and shopped more often?

Our approach is different.

We begin by investing a lot of time getting to know you, your business and your customers. We'll ask a lot of questions to understand the marketing you are presently doing, what direction you business is going in, and where you want to take it. We need to understand how committed you are to your customers and what makes your business special.

If you don't have an answer for that, we'll help you develop one. It's important.

It's all about your customers

Our goal isn't to build you a "pretty" web site (though the site we make will look great). It's to build you one that attracts new business, encourages customers to buy more and helps you to better fill your customers' needs. A web site must be part of an effective overall marketing strategy. That's why we work with you to enhance all of your marketing efforts.

We don't like failure, and you don't either. If your marketing needs tweaking (or even a complete overhaul), we'll include that as part of the process. More