The Client Window

This window shows detailed client information with fields for both internal and external support. Customizable field labels give you great flexibility to track the information that's important in your organization. Service contract information is important if your company charges for support. If a support contract is based on time, the "minutes" value will be automatically decremented each time a call is logged.

By clicking along the right side of the window, the technician is able to:

  • Add a new client to the system.

  • Edit the displayed data for the current client.

  • Delete the current client.

  • Display the next or previous client in the current retrieval set.

  • View or edit notes related to this client. This is a free-form text area that can hold approximately 8 pages of text.

  • View or change the e-mail addresses for the current client.

  • Access the telecommunications window which contains all phone, fax, pager and modem numbers for this client.

  • Open the call selection window to view the client's previous calls.

  • Access the configurations for this client. Generally, one configuration is maintained for each computer (such as a desktop and notebook) that the client uses. Configurations tie hardware and software components of a computer system into a single unit.

  • Open the hardware or software listings which show all of the individual components, regardless of configuration, currently assigned to this client. Field labels throughout HELP!Desk can be edited to suit your needs. This allows the inventory sections of the program to track products other than computer hardware and software.

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