Call Window

The Call Window

This window is where calls are logged. All field labels on this and other HELP!Desk entry windows can be controlled individually by the end-user or globally by the system administrator.

When a new call is added, the Time of Call is pre-filled based on the current system data and time. Security setting allow you to prevent editing of this field.

The cursor is initially placed in the Problem field. The technician can enter up to 64,000 characters of free-form text here. After logging the problem, the call can be categorized using the fields Category, Product, Subject and Priority. The Technician field is used to initially assign the call.

When the call is resolved, the solution is entered into the Resolution field. The Res. Code is used to categorize the solution.

The lower section contains information about the duration of the call, charges, resolution code and the date a follow-up or service call may be necessary.

If a call requires additional work to resolve, each step can be logged independently by clicking the Activities button. By using activities, you can track the time spent by each technician who worked on the call. You can also log any work performed by an outside vendor.

The picture buttons at the bottom of the window allow you to view the client if the call is linked, refer the call to another group or department, complete a customer satisfaction survey for the call and generate reminders for yourself or others.

The Referrals feature allows you to notify another group or department (such as Testing Quality Assurance or Product Development) that the call contains information that they should see. The Survey feature is used to quantify the success of your help desk. One survey may be generated for each call. Ticklers are used in conjunction with the included HELP!Desk Alert program to remind you of important events, such as the need to follow up on a call. You can also create ticklers for other HELP!Desk users.

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